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The following outlines the best choices you inquired about,  along with a detailed description of our plan of action.

Booking a photo booth for such an event is not something you do every day. Making sure everything goes according to the plan can sometimes be a lot of pressure.

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Our goal is to make sure you get help from a reputable and professional organization that will take care of your event’s entertainment every step of the way.

Choosing the right Photo Booth

During our initial consultation, you mentioned you were looking for a Photo Booth for 5-8 hours a day for 5 days

Photo Booths… Photo Booths come in all shapes and sizes but are basically differentiated by the choice of media you want to promote your brand with; Digital, physical Prints or both.

The GIF Booth


How it works

The GIF Booth is 100% digital

You can take GIFs in 2 ways:

  • By taking multiple photos, which will be combined into a GIF
  • By taking a boomerang, which is a short looping video

Motion makes the experience fun and interactive. You can pose, move and dance in front of the camera. It usually leads to comical moments and shared laughter.

Because of the digital nature of GIFs, they cannot be printed and are shared digitally via SMS or email


The Photo Booth


The Open-Air Photo Booth

The Open Air photo booth is the most common type of booth. It takes photos you can print and like the GIF Booth, you can email or SMS it to yourself on the spot.

An Open-Air photo booth is a safe choice for formal events. It’s also a familiar experience that older guests prefer.


What to expect

Photo Booths & GIF Booths are the perfect option for brand activation because they are customizable.

The point of brand activation is twofold:

1. Boost brand awareness
2. Engage with your customers

By personalizing your photo booth or GIF booth with props, vinyl wraps, custom backgrounds, and your photo frame design, your customers will have memories to share, both digitally and physically (prints) and there’s nothing better than having a picture-perfect memory or a video of a great brand experience.


The Math

Ooh la la Social

Open-Air Photo Booth with Prints & Downloads

Ooh la la GIFs

3 Hr GIF Photo Booth
Still Pics, GIFs & Boomerangs


Options are a great way to customize any package to match your event


Additional Hour + $100

Sometimes the package isn’t long enough or the party goes a little bit longer.

Green Screen + $200

You can also check out our large collection of included Backdrops

Custom Backdrop + $400

Make it a landscape, a Step & Repeat, or Geometic shapes, etc. All backdrops are 8×8 in size. You can also check out our large collection of included Backdrops

Printed Prop Signs + $150

Printed props are a great way to have fun with slogans, inuendos, and branding elements
*5 x Custom props

Photo Booth Wrap + $400

Make the photo booth yours. Brand it with a custom vinyl wrap

Ooh la la Booths

Special pricing for a 5 day event



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